Steamboat Springs Colorado Attractions

If there is a bad time of year to visit Steamboat Springs, Colorado, there is no doubt that autumn is absolutely magical. The weather is still warm, the mountains come alive in bright autumn colours, and the lodges in Steamboats Springs and attraction prices are at their highest. The early autumn in the steamboat is amazing, with nice weather, beautiful scenery, good food and of course a great atmosphere.

If you want to see Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the Yampa Valley from a unique perspective, consider a hot air balloon ride. In addition to the usual outdoor activities, you can visit the steam boat ski area, the Grand Canyon of the Rocky Mountains or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The best way to experience the splendour of the steam boat springs in autumn is to take a gondola ride high up in the steamboat ski resort.

Also worth watching out for is the Steamboat Springs Arts Council's annual summer festival, the Great Smoky Mountains Festival, on Saturday and Sunday.

Part of this charm is reflected in downtown Steamboat Springs, where visitors find history paired with modern amenities and fun activities. The museum in the city centre is open all year round and showcases the best of steam boat springs through exhibitions, events, guided tours and programs. It's a great place to start, but there are also many other great options downtown, such as the Great Smoky Mountains Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

If you can't find a suitable offer in the steam boat ski resort or are simply looking for a low-cost experience, then head to Howelsen for a day trip to one of the many ski resorts in the area.

The town of Steamboat Springs is just 157 miles west of Denver, which allows you to extend your Colorado trip if you decide to add a road trip to your trip. Once you reach Steamboats Springs, you can practice snow sports in winter, and if it's a day trip, visit one of the many ski resorts in the area, such as the Howelsen ski area. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, families can enjoy a variety of activities such as sleigh rides and hot springs.

For example, the April double pass, worth $179, offers a rest day that may be better than April, depending on the conditions.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is located just outside the city limits of Steamboat Springs, just a few miles south of the city. Hot Springs Adventures offers a variety of options for passengers to stay within the city limits of Steamboats Springs and travel to the hot springs.

The history of the hot springs goes back to the origins of the ski resort, but there is no way for locals to really feel at home when they take a steam boat holiday. If you're not snow tubing on your Steamboats Springs tour, it's still available at Strawberry Park Hot Springs in the Colorado Springs borderline.

There are several places to go cross-country skiing, including the Great Falls Ski Resort, Howelsen Lake Pass and Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. The main backcountry ski area in Steamboats is the Grand Lake Ski Area, with a total altitude of 6,000 feet, but it is also available for ski touring and some other ski areas.

To see the valley, head to the Yampa River, which is seven miles from downtown Steamboat Springs. From where you can expect the tour from the gondola of the steamships or the Thunderhead building, the moonlit snowshoe tour takes about an hour and leads up and down a mile of nature trails from start to finish.

For a less kinetic afternoon, explore the region's rich history and visit one or two museums in the surrounding Steamboat Springs community. If you're on foot or by bike, Steamboats Springs offers many free activities to see, from taking a break and smelling wildflowers to creating trails for a full-day adventure. For horse lovers there is even a riding course, where a variety of different types of horses are offered for sale.

These natural hot springs, located 30 minutes from Steamboat Resort, feel so good on a cold snow day. There are a variety of photo tours you can take at Steamboats Springs, from snowshoeing to car rides - tours that start at the top of the mountain, just a few miles from the resort. While the steamboats are in West Lincoln Park, which resembles a steamboat and has been largely demolished, the area offers two hot springs open to the public.

Strawberry Park is just outside the popular Steamboat Springs and has several flow pools - powered pools that vary in temperature from 101 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. This incredible park is just minutes from the resort and a short drive from West Lincoln Park (read all about it). No trip to Steamboats Springs would be complete without a visit to Strawberry Park Hot Springs, surrounded by the famous champagne powder.

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More About Steamboat Springs