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Joe Taylor, who has teamed up with his band Bubba the Love Sponge, is the true lifeblood of the Texas music scene. This year's edition of Steamboat Springs Music Week, a well-programmed calendar of local music events, highlights the best and most interesting events in the Austin / Fort Worth area, as well as some of our favorite artists from the region.

Loveland, originally a trading post, is one of the most visited destinations in the park system, and there are still a number of glaciers surrounding the area. Bear and emerald lakes are embedded with breathtaking alpine elements, and Buena Vista is home to Colorado's largest and most popular ski resort, offering rafting, mountain biking and hiking trails.

For artists big and small, there is no better place to get your music than in the heart of Loveland and Buena Vista, Colorado. The music festival doesn't attract those who have a passion for skiing, as happens on the snow - Colorado's sweeping peaks annually - but it is still one of the best places in Colorado for music.

Visit Schmiggity's on your next ski trip to Steamboat and have a look at them at or call them at 970 - 879 - 4100 if you have any questions. You can also visit the official website to find out about flights to and from the vaporetto or to get more information about the festival.

There's also Dickson Production, who has experience as a leading package traveler, and they're also official sponsors of the Steamboat Springs Music Festival. Those who work for them can forget tons of music favorites at wholesale prices and go on the slopes. All performances are free and can be purchased on the festival's official website, Dates and prices for packages can be found at the Musikfest. Com and for more information call 970 - 879 - 4100.

Storm Mountain Express offers a private shuttle service to the festival and the surrounding area from the Steamboat Springs Convention and Visitors Center. If you prefer to take a taxi or shuttle service on site or opt for the free bus system, a free shuttle service is available on the weekend of the music festival. The town of Steamboats Springs offers a bus line with stops at each location for about 20 minutes.

The city offers a real adventure for anyone with clear intentions to explore it. Take a dog-sledding trip, enjoy the hot springs, go snowmobiling, fly a hot air balloon or fly a steam boat to the best accessible ski resort. It is also known for its wild roller coasters that descend more than 400 feet to the slopes where you can experience world class skiing and snowboarding.

Since many touring acts often choose to play in other cities when touring the state, Steamboat Springs has become a sought-after stopover for touring bands coming to Colorado. There will also be many out-of-state acts, including Greensky Bluegrass from Michigan and Travelin 'McCourys.

While Breckenridge's Dew Tour is primarily a snowboard and ski competition, Steamboat Springs will rock live music on Saturday and Sunday.

The X Games are of course geared towards snowboarding and other action sports, but music also plays a major role at the festival. Double live CD recorded during last year's festivities, as well as a double live CD with music from the Dew tour. See below for the full list of great music to be heard in Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge this weekend.

The Band of Heathens and the Gougers will actually be playing both MusicFest and SkiJam this year, and we also have a Texas act on the bill. The bill is heavy on bluegrass, roots and funk, but contains a lot of rock'n "roll, plus some blues and country, with a bit of rock'n" roll in between.

If you are here for MusicFest but couldn't get a ticket to the event or just take a skiing trip with Steamboat, there are a few free concerts to enjoy during your stay. Click here to see a list of winter activities that are part of the other festivals and events that make up Colorado's rich cultural scene. Read what makes a visit to Steamboats an unforgettable experience, where to go fly fishing in Colorado and more.

Schmiggity's is probably one of the best-sounding small venues in Steamboat Springs, and it can be worth exploring before heading to the spa after the show. After the set, don't forget to take a dip in the eponymous steam boat attraction, the largest thermal spa in the world.

There are many parallels between Texas and Colorado, and our music is one of them, but it has changed over the years. We did a lot of shows in Texas with these guys, so we tied everything together to get the show on Steamboat. There was a lot of great music in the state of Colorado and also a lot of good music here in Colorado. Music has always been an important part of our lives, an important part of who we are and what we do. I had a lot of relatives in my past who were pretty instrumental to our Texas music and things. Always had music in the game.

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More About Steamboat Springs