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There was a time when restaurants in Steamboat Springs only served standard steaks and hamburgers, but those days are long gone and there is a new restaurant on the block. While many of the old ones - school facilities like the Olde Steakhouse and the Grand Hotel - are still thriving, the city's increasingly popular facilities include a few new arrivals, including a seasonal-inspired breakfast and lunch café and upscale steakhouse. Steamboats, a whiskey company run by former Colorado State University students and current Colorado Springs residents Jessica and Chris Burdick, opened in 2017 and moved to the new location last December.

Many of the starters appear on the happy hour menu and can make for a decent tapas meal, but the cheese fries (aptly called "business") arrive after a day on skis or hikes. It tastes and tastes like you would expect from a dive - and is the perfect cold weather meal.

You can also get a wide selection of tacos, which are prepared with a variety of toppings such as guacamole, queso fresco, coriander, avocado and more. We tried a great taco with avocado and roasted cauliflower, but we also served the pineapple jalapeno with pineapple and jelapenos in bacon and the chilli Colorado, which consists of chili peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, onions, chili powder and cheddar cheese.

The breakfast burrito and French toast options are amazing, but if you can't make it there for breakfast, drop by and have a burger patty melt - baked rye bread and forget the burger patties and melt - in - your - mouth sandwiches. Those who want to go for lunch have to wander back and forth between breakfast and lunch.

Main courses include grilled octopus with roasted Calabrian chilli and candied pork, and you can go with scallops and pork belly served with tamarind jam.

Highlights include a wood-fired pizza served in your own heated gondola, as well as some of the best pizza in Steamboat Springs. The menu includes gluten-free rosti, a Swiss-style potato pancake with sweet and sour cream sauce, and a cheese and butter sandwich.

The T-Bar has plenty of outdoor seating, but there is a small area inside where you can gather and exchange beer, wine and stories.

This playful attitude, coupled with a tasting menu starting at $60 (there is also a more casual mezzanine menu), makes this a great place for fine dining in a relaxed city. Many of the bars in Steamboat Springs also serve food, and 617 Lincoln Ave offers a huge hearty breakfast that is a potential centerpiece - a stopper. For breakfast and lunch, steamboat springs also offer many economic opportunities; you should not enter a single drinking cave that does not offer at least a hot barbite. The lounge area just happens to be next to one of my favourite restaurants in the area, the Olde Towne Cafe.

After visiting the tasting room, you can order a flight of spirits or choose from dozens of cocktails while snacking on sandwiches, soups and desserts on a shared plate. Also check out the well-stocked wine list and the upcoming dinner and happy hour.

Save a few pennies by eating with one of the half-price starters or walking until you drop the full-service menu for just $10 per plate or $15 for a two-course menu. If you made a reservation that you should receive a discount, you would probably already have your reservation in hand.

Don't worry, the dress code is casual, but the food is fancy, and the main attraction here is chef Garrett Kasper, who has created some of the best food in Steamboat Springs and other Colorado Springs restaurants. Like Torian's in Plum Plaza, 1855 Ski Time Square Drive is a restaurant that strikes a nice balance between formal and casual. With a variety of restaurants ranging from pub grub to fine dining, Steamboat Mountain Village has always had a good mix of casual and formal dining.

The food on the menu consists of grilled pork cheeks on steamed buns, smoked trout, pork ribs and a host of other dishes, but the grilled pork cheek on a steaming bun with a side of sweet potato fries is a favorite of everyone.

If you're lucky enough to be in the Steamboat in summer, you can't enjoy breakfast outside by the stream, whether it's in one of the many restaurants in town or nibbling on a hot dog, hot dog, burger or even a burger. Both companies offer snack and outdoor restaurants, and both like to book the best guests. The large steamboat restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as dinner and brunch. Before setting off, you should check out the current pandemic restrictions and closures, but there are many great ways to have a great breakfast or lunch at one of these restaurants.

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More About Steamboat Springs